Glandular, Indeed!

Glandular, Indeed! Commonwealth & Council Gallery, Los Angeles, October 1,8,15, 2015

Every Thursday during the run of Apprentice Crone’s Hearing Trumpet, I presented Glandular, Indeed, a Poet’s Theatre* series. Using my own exhibition as the set, a carefully cast and intergenerational group of Los Angeles-based writers, artists, historians, children, (and even film producer Julie Corman!)  read monologues and particularly hilarious scenes from The Hearing Trumpet.

Glandular Indeed Performers: Tala Mateo, Jessica Rath, Audrey Wollen, Leslie Dick, Matias Viegener, Marnie Weber, Jocelyn Saidenberg, Bill Basquin, Regina Clarkinia, Veronica DeJesus, Steven Nelson, Rochelle Gomez, Julie Corman, Amanda Eicher Philip Yenawine, Wyla Yenawine, Yong Soon Min, Renee Petropoulos, Roger White, Susan Silton, Christine Wertheim,  Cirilo Domine

* Poet’s Theatre - a community-based, performative literary practice; plays are staged on-the-fly, with minimal props, costumes and other traditional theatrical elements; read with scripts in hand; usually cast from a creative community and presented informally. Per poet and critic David Buuck, poets theatre “seeks through a rigorous amateurism to explore different models of group process, communication, and collaboration, if not to inject such models with a radical social agenda or message.”